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Bottle Labelling Machine

A bottle labelling machine is one of the essential machinery in any pure water, juice, and soft drink producing company. They come in handy in processing companies in various industries. These machines are used to add sticky labels to commercial products and equipment. You can use them to permanently or temporarily stick your label or logo on any bottle.

Bottle labelling machines come in various sizes, making them suitable for industrial and office users. These heavy-duty yet compact machines can interact with graphic design applications to create unique labels that can be used for mailouts or promotional materials. You can easily label your cans and water bottles with the best automatic hot glue labelling machine.

Whether cooperation, small business owner, or individuals looking to label their bottles, these bottle labelling machines are sure to meet your needs. They are available in different capacities and can label various sizes and types of bottles. The most functional options on the market today are:

  • Automatic hot glue labelling machine
  • High-speed shrink sleeve labelling machine
  • Linear automatic hot glue labelling machine
  • Automatic rotary opp hot glue labelling machine
  • Automatic double heads shrink sleeve labelling machine

Core Features and Benefits of Bottle Labelling Machines

Handles Complex Labelling Tasks

With these machines, you can attach branding and information to bottles and other types of products. Depending on your requirements, these machines can stick or glue fully colored or two-toned labels to your bottles. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used to create stickers or adhesive labels. You can also use them to print directly or make tags on bottles.

Fully Automatic

One of the significant upsides of these machines is that they are fully automatic. Being fully automatic, the machine required minimal input. It will help save a lot of time, which you can channel to other aspects of your business. Despite being fully automated, you can handle it manually if you want.

Fully Customizable

Another significant benefit of these machines is that they are fully customizable. You can customize them to label various sizes and a specific number of bottles. Regardless of how complex or colorful your brand or business logo/label is, these machines label it to any bottle. The equipment features high precision labelling, ensuring every label sits in the perfect place. It does not affect the quality of the label; sticking all the labels to your bottles as printed.

Label Various Surfaces

Bottle labelling machines are suited for:

  • Plastic aluminum
  • Glass
  • PET bottles of the distillery, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries
  • Mineral water
  • Pharmaceuticals

Highly Durable

The best bottle labelling machines are made with premium quality material to withstand the test of time. This equipment is built on a framework of food-grade, seam-welded steel sections. In addition to being made with safe material, they are built to have solid bases and prevent movement while in use.

The bottle labelling machines from Servolines require minimal maintenance and would serve you for years without breaking down. They also have extensive warranties to give you all the assurance you need.