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Date Code Printer

A date code printer, also known as a date and code printer, is a machine that applies date information on packages, products, and labels. Local regulations across the globe require date coding products, especially pharmaceutical, beverage, and food products. Manufacturers also need a date and code printer to track their products internally and ensure prompt product shipment to market.

A product’s manufacture date usually determines its expiration date, which is required to be boldly printed on the label and package of certain products. Thanks to the advancement of technology, these devices today are now automatic. Date code printers from Servolines are infused with software programmed to generate and apply date codes.

You can use these machines on high-speed production lines. They are suitable for various business sizes, thanks to their ability to maintain high print quality while printing on moving packages and products. These devices use different marking and printing technologies. They might use laser marking, continuous inkjet, thermal transfers, thermal inkjet, or print/apply labeling technology to print dates and codes on products.

Date and Code Inkjet Printer

There are two main types of date and code inkjet printers – continuous inkjet printers and thermal inkjet printers. In continuous inkjet printers, a jet or stream of ink passes through a nozzle in the printhead. There is a piezoelectric resonator in the machine that vibrates to ensure the jet is broken up in single, uniform drops.

The advanced technology in this device supports high-level precision, as every single drop of ink reaches the substrate in the exact location to print the code in readable, clear condition. The ink for date code inkjet printers is available in several properties to print codes with the right color, adhesion, solvent type, and opacity for the package or product’s surface.

The thermal inkjet printer releases small ink drops on products or packages while passing by a printhead. A single or multiple rows of fine-gauge nozzles propel the ink drops. The printheads for thermal inkjet printers are relatively small, and the printing is inherently clean. Their mode of operation aid integration into product or packaging lines with limited pace. They dry very fast, reducing the risk of printing unreadable codes and increasing production.

Date and Code Laser Printer

On the other hand, a date code laser printer uses a focused light beam to physically alter or etch a substrate’s top layer. The light beam is propelled by two mirror galvanometers directing the laser beam in two planes, printing the date code on the package or product’s surface.

These machines are very useful in printing dates and codes on various products. They are very fast and can handle bulk tasks automatically. All you have to do is program the information you want in the code and put the products to be labeled on the production line.

To determine the best option for your business, you need to consider several vital factors, including line speed, print quality, substrate, available space for installation of the device, and the stability of package and product handling on the line. Servolines have some of the date and code printers for small, medium, and large-scale businesses.