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Date/Code Inkjet Printer

Date/ Code Inkjet Printer


F540 New Model of F500

Date/Code Inkjet Printer


Product Description
The F540 has been designed to deliver the best quality code, day in and day out. The F540 is feature-packed with Cost-Saving features of a single-part service & solvent consumption-saving system. Reliability of operation with a robust stainless steel design that survives even in the harshest environments. Quality of printing delivered using the latest automatic monitoring system. The simplicity of setup, services & operation through an easy-to-use menu system. Powerful & flexible print data options through a network or local scanners. The F540 gives the perfect performance with a low cost of ownership.

We have all kinds of coding machines to suit different materials. Most of the products can be printed with EXP date, batch code, bar code, QR code, serial number, logo, and other printing information.

F540 series

F540 series is a brand-new model for high-quality date/code printing, which takes many years to build. It combines a variety of innovative advantages.

Cost-saving: The maintenance of this model only needs to replace a single accessory, and can save consumables.

  • Reliability: The whole machine adopts stainless steel polished body, which can operate in the worst environment.
  • High-quality printing: Real-time monitoring system allows you to control the printing quality at any time.
  • A simple system menu: Set settings, services, and operations in one, easy to operate.
  • Powerful and flexible: It supports local scanning, uploading, and network transmission of spray printing information.

F540 series with reasonable price and excellent performance to bring you the best identification solution.

Date/Code Inkjet Printer

Printer Parameter




Daily Industrial, Chemical Products, Drug, Food, Beverage

Principle of Classification:

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Working Patterns:


Nozzle Diameter:

 70 / 60 / 50 / 40 micron

Print height:


Print lines:

 1-5 lines

Fastest printing speed:

 320 m / min (5 dot matrix font)

Optional ink types:

 Heavy pigment, light pigment and dye ink

Optional ink color:

 White, yellow, black, red, etc

Special inks:

 PE, alcohol resistance, high temperature resistance, migration resistance, oil film penetration, invisible ink, etc


 Select according to ink type

Cleaning agent:

Select according to ink type




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